Know When To Get A Second Opinion

At 4Excellence in Dentistry, we often see patients who have been advised to undergo restorative procedures by another practice. Occasionally, we find that other dentists suggest more extensive and expensive treatment when a simpler treatment, may resolve the issue. We are pleased to offer you a second dental opinion at our Levittown office to ensure that you are not going through any time-consuming or costly procedures needlessly. If you would like one of our experienced dentists to evaluate the health of your teeth and gums, please contact our office to schedule your free evaluation.


If dental problems are identified, we will explain potential causes and treatment options. We can teach patients how to change or refine their habits in order to prevent a condition from becoming worse. When we identify potential complications, our goal is to educate patients about their different options and allow them to make informed choices.

We Offer Comprehensive Dental Care Services

Our dental practice offers virtually every procedure that you could ever need to maintain oral health, restore your oral health, or achieve a cosmetic enhancement. We are prepared to help patients in any degree of need, so we have no reason to pressure patients into excessive treatment. Whether you desire restoring a single tooth or an entire smile makeover, we are happy to give you our objective professional opinion., we are happy to give you our objective professional opinion.

Experience Counts

Dr. Lewis Ricciuti and Dr. James Albanese both have extensive experience in dentistry. Dr. Ricciuti maintains a focus on complete restorative treatment including dental implants and comprehensive tooth replacement. Dr. Albanese excels in providing comprehensive care. Both of our dentists offer trustworthy advice and credible second opinions.

Contact Our Office for a Second Opinion

If you have been advised to undergo treatment at another practice, and have questions about the costs or the specifics of a procedure, we are happy to provide you with a second opinion. Contact our office to schedule a no charge evaluation. We look forward to providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your oral health.